Is your product or service something you have envisioned as being ideal to be part of a television or movie? Unfortunately, without the proper contacts, landing media placement for your product is a herculean, most often impossible, task. At Las Vegas Media, we have established said contacts and work with you to make your vision a reality.

Depending on your product or service, there are several ways to achieve that highly coveted product placement spot on television or film. Stage productions and video games are additional avenues to pursue when seeking to expand your marketing efforts to product placement. When working with a professional entity, your product placement options are more expansive than if you work alone trying to make proper contacts in the entertainment industry. Even if you collect contact information for a few power players in the industry, are you certain you will market your product to the highest degree?

It is Worth Your Dollars to Retain a Product Placement Specialist?

Consumers are looking for credibility when selecting the products they purchase. The connection made when consumers see products on film creates an instant trust in the product’s worthiness. Sports fans of any sporting genre know sporting goods companies vie for contracts with major sports teams because it is such a lucrative product placement. It is all about perception and getting the brand out there to the masses. If you are a fan of any major televised awards show, you have seen reporters ask, “Who are you wearing?” These couture designers give these dresses worth tens of thousands of dollars away for free because that branding is highly effective.

You do not have to be Nike or Chanel to benefit from product placement. Set designers attest to the fact that set décor used in television and film is sought after when displayed. Everything from handbags to mixing bowls used in film is noticed by a significant percentage of viewers.

How Does Product Placement Work for Service Industry-Related Businesses?

Love it or hate it, reality television is a major market. If filming is happening in your region, Las Vegas Media likely has the contacts necessary to facilitate an arrangement for filming with your product or service. Reality show producers seek product placement professionals to direct them toward local businesses willing to sign confidentiality agreements regarding what happened during filming. If you own a business catering to locals such as a restaurant or tour guide business, your business can be featured on a reality show or in a movie or television series. Las Vegas Media can pave the way for you with the contacts we have in the industry.

Doing it solo is rarely a viable option because production teams seek to work with a business such as Las Vegas Media because we have a trusted history and are established in product placement. With all that goes on in a production of any sort, producers would rather work with a middleman to not have to do the vetting themselves. At Las Vegas Media, we support your efforts to have your product or business displayed in a production that will garner consumer confidence, thus generating revenue. We look forward to evaluating your product so we are able to outline to you what we can do to get your business to the next level.