Businesses are sometimes tempted by free or cheap website hosting. Sure, the freebie or cheap sites are tempting because, on the surface, they appear to be budget-friendly. Unfortunately, this absolutely falls under getting what you pay for. Of course you want your business to thrive, and your online presence is a major factor in success. At Las Vegas Media, we offer affordable website hosting without any of the negatives associated with free or cheap website hosting sites.

Poor customer support is a trademark of cheap website hosting entities. These hosts do not care to be at the ready to support your issues, and you may lose dollars during downtime while waiting for a glitch to be remedied. And there will be glitches because space will be limited, and the overall service is sub-par. At Las Vegas Media, we are a certified Rackspace business partner and offer 24/7 tech support for all server issues. You will not be stuck on a Sunday or a holiday. We always have you covered.

Why Free and Cheap Website Hosting Hurts Your Business

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Entities promoting free hosting are not doing this for you out of the kindness of their hearts. They are making their money through advertising other businesses on your web pages. Consumers are not going to take your business seriously if they see banner ads for businesses you do not endorse. If there are not banner ads, there will be pop-up banners which are annoying and distracting.

Consumers will be fast to flee your site when they are inundated with flashy ads for businesses they are not seeking to explore. Or, worst case scenario, their attention is grabbed, and they leave your site to click through to another website. This hurts your conversion rate and does not justify what you are saving by not paying for professional website hosting. In some instances, business owners or individuals seek to sell advertising on their page that is related to the focus of the website. Most free hosts do not allow such practices.

Another factor to consider when you are building an online marketplace is you must have a secure server to afford customers secure online credit card processing. The fact that customers are leery about entering in card numbers on an unsecured site means an online marketplace will not survive free website hosting.

Long domain names are another factor when using cheap or free website hosting. Customers are not going to readily recall your website name if the name of the website host must also appear in the domain name. You will be forced to hope consumers find you via an online search, which is a gamble given all the content online today.

At Las Vegas Media, we have you covered in all aspects of your online presence, and our website hosting is no exception. We can host a demonstration session where we allow you to become familiar with our control panel. You do not have to be computer savvy; we walk you through the entire process to whatever degree you need. We look forward to discussing with you our affordable rates for website hosting.

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