Commonly, business owners not only wonder if they need an intranet for their business, but they also wonder exactly what an intranet can accomplish for their business. The basic definition of an intranet is an internal website helping employees complete tasks and share and gain information. When employees are connected within a network, the digital workplace encourages productivity, thus increasing profits. In the instance of a business retaining remote employees, an intranet allows those employees to be part of the team in all aspects.

Adding an intranet to your business aids in efficiency, simplifies collaboration efforts and boosts morale. Entrusting intranet design to a company specializing only in web design is a common mistake by business owners. While many companies specialize in web and intranet design, a company doing primarily web design is not the ideal company to create an intranet. The reasoning is simple: an intranet is not designed to sell a product or service. It is a tool to increase productivity and generate profits.

Trusting an inexperienced company with your intranet needs usually leads to less professionalism and a less-than-streamlined implementation process. It is important employees are eager to start to use a new intranet. An inexperienced intranet design firm lacks the tools to ensure a positive attitude toward the new procedures is gained from the start.

Does My Small Business Need an Intranet?

An intranet benefits businesses of all sizes. With a variety of information a few button-clicks away, employees are more productive. They do not have to leave their desk to access forms and templates. They collaborate with counterparts without leaving their work space and are more likely to stay updated on project progression when it is as easy as accessing an intranet page to gauge progress. Instant messaging with project partners further facilitates productivity.

In addition to the great productivity benefits, a successful intranet increases morale. Social pages can be created to encourage social interaction among staff in the form of organizing company events and retirement, birthday and anniversary updates. Updates from all levels of staff encourage more of a connection between the heads of the company and less-tenured staff. A socially engaging intranet is user-friendly and promotes the company’s shared goals at all levels among staff.

Staff Adapting to an Intranet

Business owners fear a shoddy return on their investment in an intranet if employees are not fast to embrace the new technology. Las Vegas Media is adept at accessing exactly the types of pages your intranet needs and also how to integrate intranet usage into employees’ day-to-day practices. When the benefits are properly defined to staff, and they are trained and supported in using the intranet, they are fast to comply and use it in all the applications you have in mind.

The experience from the dedicated staff at Las Vegas Media ensures a successful creation of an intranet for businesses of all sizes. No business is too large or small for the professionals at Las Vegas Media when it comes to designing a viable, profitable intranet. We look forward to communicating with you and addressing any questions or concerns you have pertaining to intranet design for your business.

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