Both online and brick and mortar businesses must maintain a professional online presence in the form of an expertly designed and maintained website. In many cases, one’s website is the first contact potential customers have with the business. If a site is not informative and easy to navigate, customers may continue their search elsewhere, resulting in lost sales.

Well-designed websites invite customers to explore the ways in which your business meets the needs they have. Las Vegas Media prides itself on offering hands-down the most reliable website design for businesses of all sizes and in all stages. We help established businesses build their online presence and assist new businesses in building a customer base by facilitating a superior online debut.

Our experience in branding allows us to assist your business in celebrating longevity in your industry as you develop a solid client base. We embrace the concepts needed to make your website both aesthetically pleasing and highly effective.

Can I Build My Website Myself?

The short answer to this is, “Perhaps.”

The correct question is, “Should I build my website myself?” The concise answer to that is, “No, probably not.”

Expert website design maximizes marketing efforts. Those under-qualified to establish and maintain their business website suffer poor results and find themselves unnecessarily over-worked. Management of the business itself is priority one, and allowing a professional entity to establish and maintain the business website is a key to success.

Cheap Web Design Yields Cheap Results

There are countless entities touting teaser prices for the design of cheap websites. The problem is, such sites are either running on a bait-and-switch business model or their expertise is so limited, they offer low-end pricing while delivering low-end results.

A couple things happen in the realm of bait-and-switch. First, unscrupulous companies may offer a handsome introductory rate, but have inconsistent charging when it comes to maintenance and updates. The low rate could very well be the developer’s hook to get an agreement to begin work, only for you to be up-charged down the line. Las Vegas Media details fees ensuring you understand the value of the services we provide and what those services entail.

Another unsavory tactic is the website designer boasting a low hourly rate. The fact of the matter is, you haven’t a real feel for the true number of hours it takes. If a website designer is charging double actual work hours, that rock-bottom hourly rate quickly ceases being a value.

In the area of low-end pricing, business owners truly get what they pay for. Even well-intentioned website designers may offer low-end pricing because they aren’t truly dedicating a great deal of effort to your project. This could be because they need to mass-produce to be profitable or because they simply know their level of ability isn’t worth what experienced, results-driven designers are being paid.

There’s truly no scenario where low-end pricing is going to yield high-end results. Your business is your pride and joy and your website is an essential component to your pride and joy flourishing. The professionals at Las Vegas Media look forward to bringing your business to the next level.

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